Autumn Poem


                                                                                                  Stephane Venne via Compfight


                                                                     Utmost amazing


Unanimous colors 



That is what Autumn is. Have a wonderful Fall.

Bye for now.




Mt. Philo Field Trip

Last week Lighthouse 5th grade went to Mount Philo in Vermont. It was about an hour drive from our school and it was a blast. It took about a 1/2 hour to hike up the mountain but boy was it worth it! The top of the mountain was so beautiful and scenic I thought that I could stay up their for hours. At the top we ate lunch and explored. We also collected leaves and played hours of capture the flag. Over all I had a wonderful time full of laughter and fun. My school gives its best foot forward to let us have the best field trips ever! I thank all the teachers for everything they do for us and I love going to this school. Anyways I got to know people more by connecting with all my friends and playing games that connected us together as a team and a big family. Here are some awesome pics my awesome teachers took.


All photo’s taken by Mrs. Ellingson and Mrs. Boucher