Dash and Dot, A New Toy

Hi Everyone,

Every Friday my class has Genius Hour where we can create things to inform and entertain people.

My project is to make a video on how to program cool robots named Dash and Dot.

My idea was to make a video about programming and program a dance number that dash and dot will be able to do.

I am super excited to learn about coding and robots. Dash and dot are super easy to work with and set up.

At the end of this post I will leave the link to dash and dot’s site if you would like to purchase one or both of them.



I’m going to tell you a little bit about the apps that you can use with the awesome robots.

Their are some apps that you can just drive them with that app is called Go. It allows  you to have dash or dot move forward and back, side to side, and look up at the person controlling or talking to. It also allows you to record your voice and have dash repeat what you said. It can have sirens turn on and off and honk the horn it’s a great way to fool your friends and family.


Another cool app is called Blockly. It allows you to code dash and dot and do all the things that go can do but in sequence and patterns. You can make dash and dot dance and make noise. This app is fun if you want to make a dance number or a coding game with friends and family. Dash and dot are great for any age and learning level. They teach you how to code, create and have fun using really cool apps with the touch of a button. All these apps and more are able to be downloaded using apple and android devices.

I hope that you found this post interesting and cool and if you would like to purchase or look at dash and dot here is the link to their Website

Comment down below if you have ever seen or have Dash or Dot.

Bye for now,


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12 thoughts on “Dash and Dot, A New Toy

  1. Hi Lily,
    I would like to comment on the about me page. It is sssooo funny and i think you are nice. I LOVE Harry Potter it is Amazing! have you been to harry potter world? I live in Sydney Australia and it is a lifelong dream for me. Anyway, I did ballet level four and my teacher was a bit fierce she told me of for turning away from the bar instead of towards it when we did bar exercises! I love your blog and I would love to be your friend I have added you to my blogroll and you can reply to this comment if you don’t want to. here is my blog.http://angelinaj23.edublogs.org


    • Hi Lina,
      Thank you for the comment I thought that the page was funny too.
      I read your blog and thought that it is cool that you get to swim once school starts.
      Here in Vermont USA where I live we get to ski in the snow during P.E.
      I have really enjoyed ballet the past 7 yearI have done it and we are putting on the Nutcracker.

      • Hi Lily,
        skiing sounds AWESOME.
        In Australia we have a national park called Thredbo were we can ski. Unfortunately, I went during the summer and I would like to go during winter. Please leave some skiing advice and we could put it on our blogs to give advice to others. (please say so if you do not approve) 7 YEARS OF BALLET sounds amazing you must be really good. If you are the sugarplum fairy I hope your costume is pretty.

        I will comment again soon Lina=)

  2. Hi Lily,
    I don’t know about Dash and Dot but you should ask Louisa and Daisy or Chelsea (or any of my students) about what they’ve done this year with coding. Also see if you can work out how to hyperlink the blog address so that it is clickable from edublogs. It’s really easy to do. Louisa could help you.
    Bye for now
    Mrs T

  3. Hi Lily,
    I loved your post Dash and Dot. I am not very good at that type of coding but I find it really interesting. I have added you to my blogroll, Please tell me if you don’t want to be added on http://ellaf23.edublogs.org. If you want you can put me on yours.

  4. Hi Lily,
    You have asked how to add a link to a post so here it is:
    To add a link to a post, you type the word that you want to link, highlight it and then press the little button at the top of your toolbar that looks like a paperclip. Then you copy and paste the link to the website that you would like to go to into the section where it says URL.
    Please tell me if I need to make it clearer.
    -Your friend Louisa (http://louisas23.edublogs.org/)

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