Hi Fellow Bloggers,

Today I’m Going to be talking about communities.

I myself am part of quite a few.


The first Community I am a part of is school.

We all go to school to learn and develop a social life.

I personally have a lot of friends and love talking to other people if you couldn’t already tell i’m not shy at all.

What do you like about going to school?


The next Community I am a part of is…..

Elan Academy of Classical Ballet.

I am a ballet dancer and my responsibilities with being in this community like this is making sure I show up to rehearsals and trying my hardest even though I may not like what I’m doing.

When I’m In class I feel like I can do anything and dance is a way to express myself in ways that words can’t.


The last community I am a part of is………..

MBS’s Band and Chorus.

My responsibilities are making sure I bring my saxophone to practice and I try my absolute hardest.

I hope that this post gives you more of an understanding of who I am, and I hope that you can tell me a little bit about your communities in the comments below. If you would like to learn more about my dance academy click Ballet.

Bye Until Next Time


Ballet stage lightingCreative Commons License zaimoku_woodpile via Compfight

8 thoughts on “Community

  1. Hi Lily,
    Thanks for putting me on your blogroll. I live in Australia. You have a lot of communities you are part of.
    I hope we can keep commenting on each others blog.

  2. Hi Lily,
    You are in so many communities. I had a look at the ballet link and it seems very impressive. I wonder if you have tried comtempuary ballet. even though I haven’t tried it I have seen it on a ballet documentary called first position which i highly recommend. Anyway I have a new blog on my blogroll which belongs to Autumn. she has a good blog and is very busy on her blog. She would go for your blog and I think you would like hers.


    • Hi Lina,
      I have tried Contemperary dance in a summer intensive I did over the summer.
      I haven’t continued with it but it is fun.
      I watched First Position and thought iswas great i’m not as advanced as the people on that show but hope to be someday.
      Thank you for adding me to your blogroll.

  3. Hey Lily,
    I’m Katelyn in Ms. kriese’s class and I live in Austin, Texas. I also loooooove ballet and music just like you! Just wondering… what type of ballet are you doing? I’m currently working on the balenchine technic and over the summer going to the Boston Ballet School! Also how far are you in ballet?? Are you on pointe yet?
    And also I’m in band just like you, but I play the French Horn. Have you gotten any accomplishments in music?? I’ve currently got first chair in my band class, first chair at district, fifth chair at region and outsatanding solos and ensembles at a festival. I hope you come and visit my blog at

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