My Crazy Class Schedule

Hi Bloggers,

This post is going to be about my crazy school day.

8:30The day starts we do our morning chores

8:45Morning Meeting starts where we do a greeting and talk about what we like or did over the weekend

9:15- We start writing and Blogging like I am now

10:00- SNACK (Finally we get to eat)

10:15- READING (My favorite)

11:10- Unified Arts (PE, Music, Art, Library, Guidance)  

12:00- Lunch (We get to eat again)

12:20- Recess (4 Square)

12:45- Math ( My least Favorite)

2:10 Science/Social Studies (Depends on the day)

3:00- Dismissal (Finally)


I hope that you find my schedule interesting and cool.

Also please keep in mind that I have Chorus and band before and after school on some days. (I will write a post about that soon.

The link to my class blog is in my sidebar or just click this Class Blog

Thanks for reading.

Today’s Question is……… What is your favorite subject in school.

-Lily What they are reading! Robin Hutton via Compfight

4 thoughts on “My Crazy Class Schedule

  1. Hello Lily, how are you today. It seems you have a very busy schedule. if you don’t mind me asking what grade are you in, I’m in 8th. I was always wanted to try band but it was to much money. Otherwise have a nice day. If you can in your free time go check out my blog. have a nice day.

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