Great Blogs To Visit

Hey Bloggers,

So for week 2 for STUBC the theme was commenting skills. I chose activity 5 because last STUBC I wrote a commenting guidlines. (Make sure to check it out.)  So here are the blogs I chose and why.

1- I went on a girl named Chelsea’s Blog. I thought this blog was very interesting and well writen. We have so much in common it was interesting to peek a bit in her life. I made a new avatar using a link she had on her blog, and I like it much better now. I definitely recommend this blog.

2-  The 2nd blog I visited was Francesca’s blog I was intrieged by her all about me page. She had a picture of a dog with all the things she likes and I am wondering how she did it! I like this blog because it was interesting she didn’t give too much information at once but it wasn’t a short and boring post. Great job Francesca

3- The 3rd blog I visited was a girl named Leila’s Blog. I really like this blog and the way it was set up. Her backround is really pretty and the posts are well written. She wrote a post about a spring poem, I thought it was very creative. I hope you get a chance to read it. Spring Poem.

I hope you get a chance to visit these blogs and read some of their post.

Bye for now,

Lily (Aka Snowbird)