All About Me (Funny Version)



My name is Lily. 

I love Ballet and anything to do with dance (except Fondues and Frappes #Torture 

Another thing about me is I am OBSESSED with Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You should also know that my favorite colors are teal and purple.

My favorite HOLIDAY is (whats your favorite holiday?) any ways mine is Halloween! 

Can everyone just take a moment to think back to the good days in preschool and kindergarten when all you did was play! (Comment below to tell me what you remember from kindergarten) 

Anyway’s back on topic I have braces and boy do they stink, well they don’t actually smell ( well sometimes they do after I eat Garlic or Onions) but good news I’m getting them of on my BIRTHDAY !

On my birthday I will be 11 and for my birthday I am going to go ziplining ( I know I’m soooooooooo scared. Actually not.)  Anyways i’m going with my best friend Zoey I have known her for my whole life now and I can’t wait. 

I have a dog and 4 little goldfish (Their really not little their soooooo big) (only 3 inches but too me thats soooooooo big cause i’m only a 1/2 inch tall JK) 

My room is always a mess (so don’t go in there.) Every time I try too clean it 2 hours later it just messes it’s self up again. ( I’m 1/2 sure that’s my  fault ) 

Well bye for now.