Commenting Do’s and Don’ts

Hello Everyone,

This is my blog post about how to write a good quality comment.

When someone comments on my blog I expect that they really are thinking about what I am writing about and what they want me to write about later.

Here are some guidelines for writing good comments.


Don’t ask a question that they already answered in either the Posts or their comments. 

Don’t just skim and skip through their posts read them carefully.

The last thing a blogger wants is to receive a short comment like AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nobody likes that. 


Do Proofread people want to read a comments that have good grammar and spelling. 

Do ask thoughtful questions and nice comments. People want to feel like you really liked their blog and you read it carefully. 

Do be nice and courtious people don’t want to here what you didn’t like about their post. 

Do leave your blog URL and your name so we can leave you a comment on your blog back. 

Anyways I hope that you can learn from this post and you can take these suggestions into consideration. 

Bye for now!